Thursday, November 7, 2013

Joni Mitchell Happy 70th

Joni Mitchell could be the most influential musician of her generation. A huge  statement I thought about when I realized today was her 70th birthday. Her catalog stacks up well. Her songs have been covered a lot. I think her songs could compare well with Bob Dylan's songs. I think she herself a bit with her musicianship playing more instruments. Her guitar playing and alternate guitar tunings even influenced Jimmy Page.However, music is not a competition. She is great, she is perhaps under rated, and she is now 70! We celebrate it here with lots of songs...

I really like this song Both Sides Now. A friend of mine turned me onto this song a long time ago and I was lucky enough to see Judy Collins cover it over the summer.

This song might be my favorite Joni Mitchell song..A Case of You..

She is probably best known for this song..

Another favorite..

She never made it to Woodstock but she wrote this..

I could go on and on with her songs. I hope you enjoyed and I will be back soon with a new post.

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