Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who will the Washington Wizards pick in the NBA Draft?

Hopefully the text in this post will show up! I obviously had problems with my last post. Well today is a new day and a new topic. Today's post is on basketball, and I know I posted a bunch of posts about college basketball. This one s about the NBA and who the Washington Wizards will pick in the draft. It is an important draft for the Wizards. They have a young and talented backcourt. I feel they need to add to the frontcourt by drafting a forward or center. You can read my article here. Adding a bit more in my blog by adding a couple of videos.

This guy could be on the Wizards list...

Reason he may be available when Washington drafts and why the Wizards might pass...

A hometown guy might be ...

Both are young and will need time to develop. However, they might be enough to get the Wizards into the playoffs.

Washington has two picks in the second round where I can see them adding a European player. The two players selected in the second round will have a better chance of making the team than past picks due to the salary cap. Here the Wizards might pick any position to add depth.

Stay tune I will be back soon with a new post!

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