Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Secondary Characters Bloghop

Yeah! Another Bloghop! Today's is hosted by Rachel Mary Bean and a host of others. Check out Rachel's Writing on the Wall to find out more, sign up, or read some interesting blog posts.

The overview states favorite secondary characters from books or movies or both. I will expand on that in my post by adding bands and television shows.


Well a band really is the sum of the parts. They all have to work together to form a sound. However, we all know bands have the front man(or woman) which is usually a singer. Sometimes it is a guitarist. In a few cases it is some other instrument player like a drummer or in jazz a horn player. There are quite a few  to choose from. My pick is Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. Why Keith? Well he is a songwriter partner with Mick Jagger. He has his own persona as well. However, Keith Richards is mainly a rhythm guitarist. A key role in rock, blues, and country but not always the most glamorous one. Try listing guitarists who aren't known more for their leads. In my mind three jump out Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), George Harrison (The Beatles) and Keith. However, Richards has impressed me with his musical knowledge in interviews. He knows his craft and is an encyclopedia of rock and blues. Well he is my pick and sometimes Mick stands asides and let's Keith lead he band...


One television show I enjoy watching with my family is Burn Notice. A show about a spy who has been kicked out of his agency. Well, besides losing his job he lost his bank account and people watch him. So he helps people to make a living with the help of his girl friend Fiona and his best friend Sam. Sam is my favorite secondary charecter. Sam Axe played by Bruce Campbell has some charecteristics that remind my wife of me in a playful way in her mind.


That's a tough one. I've only read a handful of fictional books this year so none are really jumping out at me. So I will defere to Hunter S. Thompson's classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and pick his attorney and side kick Dr. Gonzo.


I am going with Les Miserables on this one. It is probably not my favorite secondary character of all time but it is going to be my favorite secondary character from perhaps the last really good movie I have seen.Plus it breaks the unintentional theme I have going on. I mean obviously I have a booze loving friend fromm TV, my other choices were Keith Richards and a charecter from Hunter S. Thompson both known for drugs and booze as well.

Okay back to the movie. Really most of the secondary charecters really shine in this film. Anne Hathaway won for best supporting actress at the academy Awards and a lot of oother places.

Eddie Redmayne also recieved some nominations for his supporting roles.

So many good ones in this fim so can I just pick the whole cast?

Any way I will be back soon with a new post!


Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Les Miserables does have some great secondary characters. Eponine was my favorite from the first time I read the book in eighth grade. (Not that I really 'got' the book in eighth grade, but still, I loved her.) :)

jaybird said...

Hi Mike- I also picked Les Mis as it had a plethora of amazing secondary characters. (Of course, I'm always impressed with Hugh Jackman and his role as Val Jean was just incredible. I think he was robbed. He should have won the Oscar for best actor for sure!

mike spain said...

Jaybird, I agree Hugh did a great job!

Rachel, Eponine was a great charecter.

Jenny S. Morris said...

I loved that you picked all the different types of media. And I'm sure members of a band would be very interested in being picked as a secondary character. LOL.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

A band is truly a sum of it's parts, many of the great bands still around today work together to stay together. Burn Notice is a cool tv series and Sam is quite entertaining. Thanks for checking out my list and you have a good one as well. Also the Le Mis spoof is so hilarious, thanks for making me remember.

Suzi said...

I see the commercials all the time for Burn Notice, but have never watched it. It looks good though. Maybe now that summer is here I'll check it out. I don't watch a ton of TV, so since my favorite shows are done, it's a good time to check out some others.