Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday New Orleans

New Orleans was founded on May 7, 1718 by the French. I had the privilege of visiting the city 12 years ago, give or take. What can I say I loved the city. I stayed in the French Quarter. I was in town for Jazz Fest, formally known as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Being a music fan it was a musical heaven. Yes part of the fun was hanging out with good friends.However, being turned on to new music at least to my ears was fantastic. I ate local. I loved the courtyards. I loved being able to dart in from the hustle of Bourbon Street to sit in a quiet courtyard. I loved the local market and the hidden gem of a record store.

The music in that city seeps into almost everything I listen too. Being a blues fans, stretching out to jazz, and of course rock. The influence on folk and Jimmy Buffett. I could go on and on. It is all there. The city is not all like this...

but music is everywhere....

I want to go back. I want to go to Jazz Fest again. There are so many famous clubs I want to visit. I want to see how the city is now after Katrina and the oil spill.

Anyway Happy Birthday New Orleans!

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Misha Gericke said...

I really want to go to New Orleans. It's very high up on my bucket list.