Tuesday, January 8, 2013

End of the College Football Season Post

College Football

BCS Campionship Game

The Alabama Crimson Tide made sure there was no doubt they were the National Champions with their 42-14 victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. However, they also made the most compelling argument for a playoff system. Alabama would not have been in the BCS Championship Game if Ohio State would have been eligible for postseason play. The championship game would have been the undefeated Buckeyes against Notre Dame.I am not taking away anything from Alabama. The way they played last night they could have beaten any college team in my opinion. Highlights from the game below...

My Top 25

Okay so you know Alabama is my number one ranked team, and Ohio State is number two. If you wonder how I rank the other 23 check here. Louisville was my strongest climbers and some new teams made my rankings.

The Sugar Bowl

Okay it is dissapointing when the team you root for loses a big bowl game. It is even worse when you cover that team and have to write a recap. Well that's what happened when the Louisville Cardinals beat the Florida Gators. You can read my recap here. I am happy for Louisville coach Charlie Strong, who was a Gator assistant, for his big win. He has done a great job with the Cardinals and he had his team ready to play. He also didn't let his team falter down the stretch. Louisville won the Sugar Bowl and the Gators are lucky the score wasn't worse.Florida also had a great season and a super turnaround from last year.

Well the season is over but I will still be writing some more college football articles so stay tuned another football post will be here before you know it.

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