Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold Rain

Monday night into Tuesday morning I spent 10.5 hours volunteering at a cold weather shelter. The weather had been a bit on the warm side for January but Ihad turned into a 40s high 30s kind of day with a cold rain. Not the day you would want to be out on the streets. Not like there is a good time to be homeless. It is a place I will be back helping out at again soon.

Lets face it times are hard. My family struggles to keep from being homeless. So, I have no problem lending my time to help others. They are  a lot like me. Perhaps I have a better support group. Sure some have problems I have my share. It is in these personal tough times the degrees of seperation dissappear.

When the weather is bitter or icky I don't want to be homeless. If I can help shelter folks from a cold rain, a hard freeze, snow and ice, or just plain giving them a break from the streets or whereever they make their homes.I'd like to see year round shelters. Summers get hot and humid. Plus the storms we went through the big stoerm at the end of June, the scorching hot temps, Sandy coming through. It rains in the fall, summer and spring. There is a need then too.

Winter is perceived harsher. The threat of folks freezing to death, hypothermia, and more illnesses going around in the winter can easily mae the argument for a cold weather shelter. Maybe things will turn around and the homeless will find homes. Until then we need to help hem,

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