Friday, January 18, 2013

Jacksonville Jaguars

Well when you have a season like the Jacksonville Jaguars did the off season is long and busy. I am continuing my coverage of the team with some of their off season moves for Outside the Redzone.

First up the Jaguars fired their General Manager Gene Smith you can read my article here.Next they hired a new general manager David Caldwell and fired their coach you can read about that here. Then they hired a new coach which you can read about it here.

What it all means? Well the team went under new ownership this season. Now that the season is over the owner is putting his stamp on the team after an awful season. He wants a winer. The team went with sharp football people who lack prior experience. Caldwell hasn't been a GM and Bradley hasn't been a head coach. So there will be some growing pains. However, there will be new energy around the team and a fresh attitude.Hopefully better results.

Here the team introduces the new GM:

The new coach Bradley..

Well I will be back with a new post soon. Probably one on basketball, but I am covering another show tonight and festivals are announcing big news so we will see!

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