Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Z to A: Zapped!

Day one of the challenge and I am already behind. Zapped! My internet provider had an outage yesterday. A part time writer's worst nightmare in this digital age. Supposedly it was throughout my region of the state. The bummer, was I lost an opportunity to write an article now gone since I missed the deadline. I also lost the opportunity to write what I wanted to catch up on as well. Oh yes it started me off behind in this challenge.

Taking a break from writing a new article now to write the blogs. I am pretty zapped waiting for my second wind. Long day at work. Then errands. Then spending four hours at Chick-fil-a will zap that energy away.

I might be zapped for a while. However, it is not all bad. I got the negativity out in the first paragraph. The article I am writing is something I enjoy. I'm interviewing a band this week which will be of interest to 80's Hair Metal fans. I may go to a circus tomorrow. I have a road trip planned for the weekend. So, zapped I will be.

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