Saturday, May 7, 2011

Z to A: Victory

I played my stepson in basketball today he won the first game. We played a second game. Some how I was still standing, wheezing, sweating, showing all the reasons this now 40 year old should have used his gym membership last year. We were playing to 21. In the second game I fell behind 10-2. I stormed back and grabbed victory.

Yes I am tired. Yes I am sore and will be more sore tomorrow. However, I snicker a little bit on the inside when he tells me about his blisters and how he is sore too. It is true misery enjoys company. It was so much easier to get the victory when he wasn't as tall as me(if not taller.) Granted I was probably in better shape back then. But a victory is sweet especially when it was the last game...

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