Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Eagle!

Congrats to the Auburn Tigers, the 2010-2011 NCAA Football champions. Auburn defeated Oregon 22-19.Earlier in the fourth quarter Auburn made a defensive stand at the goal line, and Oregon came away with no points. The Ducks would tie it up on a touchdown and two point conversion. However, Auburn would drive down the field and kick a short game winning field goal.

Auburn won the SEC, they went undefeated, they beat a very good Oregon team and deserve to be national champions. TCU had a great season and were the odd team out. Horned Frogs fans might think their team got screwed and they are right. The BCS isn't perfect and i is the system college football has in place. Texas Christian beat a very good Wisconsin team in the Rose Bowl. The Horned Frogs can be extremely proud of their football season.

Things I didn't like, besides the season ending with two undefeated teams would start with the season lasting until January 10th. Fans waiting and waiting for the Championship game. The game could have been played a little earlier, but that is my East Coast bias coming out and the reason I am very tired today.

Well, I did stay up to do my final college football ranking of the season you can read it here.

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