Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Everything So Well

Well I wrote a lot of posts about positive things going on this year. Well, I don't live in a world that is peaches and cream. I wouldn't like that world either, since I don't like peaches. Well we got our fist big snow of the year 5-10 inches. I tried to cowboy my car out of my drive way, and now it is stuck in snow and mud.

Now if my car couldn't get out of the driveway, it sure wasn't going to get up the hill on the back roads to the main roads. Guess I should have waited longer, or shovel more. Oh, the fun of winter...

Last night I took my daughter for a ride on my skis. I got them down and the first thing she says "where are mine?" That's my girl. I skied a bit around our property and down to the lake. She rode on my shoulders down to the garage, and I went down the hill behind it a few times. More like cross country and a lot more work with no lifts. The breaking branches and the noises the deer made did add to the adventure. That and it was really dark, I used a headlamp for lighting. The snow was real pretty last night and a pain in my neck today.

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