Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day on the Slopes

It was great to see old friends I haven't seen  in a long time. Some, I saw over the summer. One it had been 2 years and another 4 years. Where does the time go? The team had a pretty good showing and we finished second which wasn't bad. I did well for me, finishing 17 out of 40 with a respectable time.  I miss the old days, where the old friends became friends. The league races at different mountains, the road trips. The pot luck lunches and dinners , the hotels and cabins. Fun times indeed.

The league isn't around anymore. It felt nice to be on the snow again. Wow, what a busy weekend. The CASA Concert, the ski race, and I am not done yet. Tonight I will be volunteering at a homeless shelter for a few hours. Then another busy week ahead.

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