Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rich Rodriguez Fired

Hindsight is 20/20 but Rich Rodriguez should have stayed at West Virginia. The Mountaineers and Rich would have been better off. Rich is still the most hated sports figure in West Virginia and is now unemployed. WVU fans were upset oh how Rich left. Now Rodriguez is upset at leaving Michigan. I believe they call that Karma

His first season ended 3-9 and his next season ended 5-7. This season Michigan went 7-6. Yes his team did improve each season. However, the Michigan fans and athletic department had hoped for bigger improvements. Michigan was blown out in the Gator Bowl by Mississippi State 52-14. That loss did not help Rich Rodriguez. Rich did not help himself by not beating arch rivals. The Wolverines were win less against Ohio State and Michigan State. If you don't have a great record a coach needs to beat his rivals.

Rodriguez also had some problems with the NCAA or the NCAA had some issues with Rich while he was at Michigan. Heat from the NCAA doesn't make schools happy.

The good news for Rich is there will always be college coaching openings.Rich was a successful coach at West Virginia. Rodriguez should have a future in college football. However, that future does not include West Virginia or Michigan.

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