Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Pretty Good Resume

I didn't know John Furia Jr who died Friday at 79 according to the AP. But he must have had a good resume for a screen writter. It is old school TV by today standards, but the shows he wrote on bring back a lot of memories for me. Yes, I am sure some of his shows I watched were reruns years after they first aired.

His resume included Bonanza, a show I remember watching over at my Grandfather's house in the summers of my youth. We watched a lot of westerns and baseball. He also wrote on The Walton's. I used to watch the Walton's after school when I lived in Florida. It would have been one of my favorite shows. He also wrote on Hawaii-Five-O and Kung Fu. I watched Hawaii-Five-O more than Kung Fu, but I remember watching Kung Fu with my older brother. He also wrote on The Twilight Zone, a show I still enjoy watching.

His career touched my life a little through the TV screen, if by nothing else providing some memories of TV watching from long ago.

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