Friday, May 29, 2009

T.O, Romo, Twitter and Breaking News

It must be May for the NFL, the draft is over and still about 8 weeks until the preseason opens. This week the Associated Press made a story "T.O. doesn't mind going nameless with Romo" on Wednesday May 27. I read the article on Fox.

Apparently the story got Terrell Owen's response at the Bills practice to Tony Romo not mentioning his name after his practice with the Cowboys. Tony apparently only referred to Terrell as he. They play on different teams now. What T.O thinks of Tony Romo doesn't matter. What Tony Romo thinks of T.O. doesn't matter. Great job AP, now referring to someone only as he is news. Heck there are times I would rather be referred to as he.

However, in the same article the Associated Press dug deep for some of the best in depth T.O. coverage by quoting T.O.'s twitter page. Maybe, I should check Twitter for breaking news or exclusives. It is funny the media digs so hard to make up some sort of meaningless rifts. When they could fill the same same space with a positive article about a player's charity or youth camp.

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