Monday, April 13, 2009

The Weekend

Saturday my daughter turned two. She is still adorable. I ended up getting her a toy tea set, with cups, plates, silver ware, pots and also a toy microwave set. She almost got a guitar, but the wife talked me out of it. (It's not like I don't have one set aside for her when she is older, or that I wont get her one later.). She went to another birthday party in the mid afternoon and it rained all morning. We did finish the evening off with a German chocolate cake.

Easter, we went to church as a family. Evelyn-my daughter was able to participate in an Easter Egg hunt. Then I gave her, her own Easter Egg hunt.(It was a lot of fun to load them up for her.) Then we had lunch at Applebee's. After lunch I gave her two more Easter Baskets. ( Again a blast to load up, with Candy and Stuffed critters.) We took a long nap and had snuggle time. Then we played outside, first in the yard and then at a park. She was able to do a swing by herself for the first time and she sat on my lap in another. It was great to here her going wee as we swung. She was so happy.

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