Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Fever Put on Ice(Snow)

Yesterday there were snow showers. Here the ground has already warmed up so the snow did not stick. In the mountains I heard they had some accumulating snow. It sames like every year we get flurries in April. Mother Nature has her mood swings where the temps are all over the place. I new Monday when the cold wind was blowing the weather would be changing...

The flurries were big at times looking like white flakes of pollen which will be falling soon. One could confuse the two except pollen doesn't melt on your windshield. However, the weather will warm up again. Even for you readers in the colder areas..where you may still be scraping ice and shoveling snow..the seasons are changing.

I like snow flurries myself..especially when they are harmless and you know they won't coat the roads. I find them calming. Especially when it is warm enough where you are not freezing. The flakes falling down from the sky..

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