Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reflections on Earth Day

Earth Day is a day of awareness, to be really effective everyday needs to be Earth Day. I was greener, more active for the environment in my youth. What happens? Where does it go? I think the answer is we get busy in life, the everyday, other concerns become a priority.

I try to stay green. My blog in January pointed out some of the Green things I did in 2008. Some of the Green things I did in January as well. Some of those things are on hold right now. I do fish and I have blogged about it a few times. In West Virginia, when you buy a fishing liscense(or hunting liscence) you have to buy a conservation stamp, which is like $5, which goes to support conservation efforts throughout the state. So, yearly by enjoying the outdoors, I help make my state a little greener. It is a small effort, but combined with the other hunters and fisherman throughout the state it makes a different. I also support a local outdoor festival which helps efforts to clean the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, which ultimately helps clean the Chesapeake Bay. I recycle when I can. (Sometimes, I slip).

I am fortunate my employer has made green initiatives. I enjoy National Parks, State Parks, and Wildlife Management areas. I like to see wildlife(most of the time, sometimes they can be kind of scary) and I like to share those moments with my family. I hope wilderness areas around the world are preserved so my family and other families are able to enjoy them. I hope the environment is preserved so I can live, my family and generations to come will be able to live. Also I would like it preserved so I can continue to fish, and so can future generations or hunt if they prefer. I hope we are able to preserve the world for all to enjoy for generations to come. However, it takes more than one day.

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