Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Caps Win Good For Hockey

Hats off to the New York Rangers for making the series 7 games, however they blew the series after being up on the Capitals. Hats off to the Caps for battling back, but they have to be disappointed that it took seven games to finish out a first round series.

Yes, New York is a bigger market. The Rangers have more of a following then the Capitals will ever have. However, Washington's match up in the next round with the Pittsburgh Penguins is great for the NHL.

The series will pit to of the leagues major stars against each other. Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby, the 21 year old center who had 103 points in 77 games for the Pens. Washington's Alexander Ovechkin, the 23 year old left wing who had a 110 points in 79 games for the Caps. Both teams have more talent as well. The teams also have playoff history to add to the playoff excitement. Hopefully, the series will be a great one.

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