Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I've Been Reading..Fiction

One day I will get the list of books I read last year out on a blog. This year I might as well right about the books I read as I read them.

A short fiction book, The Pearl by John Steinbeck is one I recently read. I had already read The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden by John Steinbeck so another book by him made sense. Plus I enjoy reading a book considered a classic or by a classic author. One there is usually a reason it is considered a classic, two it makes me feel more well read, and three I enjoy reading a lot more now that I am not in a school setting. I know my second reason is just trying to stroke my ego, and I do realize their will always be someone one who is better read than I, and I do know people can be well read by reading other stuff as well(heck I may be better read by the other stuff I read than by the classics). The book is about a man who's young child is bitten by a scorpion, the struggle to find a pearl to get the medical treatment for the child, and how a large pearl becomes a source of trouble for this man and his family.

Swine Not by Jimmy Buffett. It is no secret I am a Parrot head. It is also no secret a lot of my reading has nautical themes to it. I read Swine Not simply because I had read all of Jimmy Buffett's books. This book is a tale of pig, which moves from Tennessee to New York City with her family. This book has Jimmy Buffett taking the sea out of his writing. The book deals with a single mom and her children as they make the move. It also deals with a pig, who is a family pet who searches out her long lost brother. The far fetched ideas from Jimmy Buffett's imagination are present in the book with the disguises and the pigilantes(which appears to be from Jimmy's love of flight). However, it is quite different from his other books.

Well, that is an update of where I am at. I have read two other books and working on two more that I haven't written about so there will be more to ramble about later.

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