Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where's The Blog?

Well recently my home life has resembled a Warren Zevon song "send lawyers, guns, and money the (explicit) has hit the fan." So unlike the song, I did not go home with a waitress who was with the Russians. But anyway, as I work through a curve ball life has thrown at me.. the blog and a lot of my other writings have been placed on hold. Don't worry eventually I'll get a pitch I can handle and everything will be back in play..or something along those lines.

Weird writing a blog with no articles to plug. I haven't published anything in a couple of months. However, I am proud of how they are performing on their own merits. They are still able to generate a few coins which is great considering I haven't been pimping them out. No sports blog here today, missed the time line for the Super Bowl. There is the consistent things in my life like work and my volunteer projects.

I have had an opportunity to read a few books. I have orders from a medical professional to play more guitar(read actually pick them up). I've gone back to where it really started for me in writing, writing a couple of poems and lyrical stuff. Actually gone back to writing on paper.

Just wanted to ramble into the blog...
I'll post another blog soon...hopefully.

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