Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Right Book At The Right Time

I know I am behind on writing about the books I read in 2008. I will get to those eventually, hopefully before 2010. I'm currently reading a few books and have finished a couple of books already.

I bought Spencer Johnson's book "The Present" at a library sale for fifty cents. I had read Spencer Johnson's book "Who Moved My Cheese" and I figured this book would be a good, quick read. I was suckered in by the titles and notes, thinking what could this Present be that could be so helpful in the workplace.

Not only was this book helpful in the business world it was also helpful in my personal life. As my previous post eluded too, I have had some crazy stuff going on in my life. Little did I know this was the right book for me at the right time.

Spoiler alert..the present in the book was the present! People tend to stay in the past or spend too much time in the future and not enough time in the present. It was also helpful to read that you learn from the past but don't dwell in it. You plan for the future but don't spend the present worrying about the future. You live in the present! Great advice.

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