Wednesday, April 2, 2008

RE:Favorite Minor Leaguer Released

The Houston Astros released Beau Torbert(Wallace Torbert). Beau was an outfielder who saw action at Corpus Christi (AA) and Round Rock (AAA) last year. I met Beau when he was playing for the Lexington Legends. I was having breakfast with my family and Hunter Pence. Hunter asked if Beau could come with us and we said yes. The rest was history, we would have a meal with Hunter and Beau anytime Lexington was in town. Of course Beau and Hunter made me feel real short, Hunter is 6'5 and Beau is is tall too. My stepson would always give Beau a hug after the games. Beau was a great guy( still is we just haven't seen him for around since he was playing in Texas).

I'm sure it was bad news to his ears when he was cut. We saw Hunter at Spring training and he said Beau had added a lot of muscle. I'm sure he had put in a lot of work getting ready for the season. Hopefully someone will pick Beau up. Hopefully a team which will let him play everyday. He is so much better when he plays regularly, there is a huge difference.

I know baseball is business and they had no room for him. Someone else is getting a shot. It is just a bad break for a friend. Adding a little John Fogerty to the youtube section in honor of baseball season starting, put me in coach I'm ready to play.

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