Friday, April 18, 2008

RE: The Gas Stations Prices Keep Going Up

How high will the price of gas go? Diesel in many areas is well over $4 a gallon, which is not helping the trucking industry. I'm sure shipping prices are bound to go up.

On Monday the price of a gallon of regular unleaded at a local gas station was $3.439. Today, Friday when I passed the gas station the price of gas was $3.599. The gas at this station is overpriced. More than likely they are trying to catch the tourists who are heading to historic Harpers Ferry, or on their way to the slots or the races in Charles Town.

My issue isn't with them being overpriced. My issue is the price has rose 16 cents in a work week. I'm sure this is a trend that other gas stations have also experienced this week, regardless if they are priced lower or higher.

How high are gas prices going to go? We still have roughly 6 months to go until Memorial Day and the summer demand for gas. Will the price of gas go over $4 a gallon, $4.50, $5? The rate it is increasing is quite alarming.

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