Friday, April 11, 2008

Evelyn's First Birthday

Lately I've blogged about baseball players I know, hockey playoffs, the NCAA Tournament, Spring, St. Patty's Day, a band a friend wrote about, and some shameless self promotion of some articles I've written. However, what I write about today is more important..well at least to me.

Today is my daughters first birthday! Evelyn, my cute little girl turns one. One is a great age. She doesn't know how mean this world can be. She greets everyday with a smile showing off her six teeth and counting. To her the world is great if Mama or Dada pick her up. Of course she has her whole life in front of her. I know its not important to a lot of you(O.K. the few of you who stumble across this blog). But it could be one day. After all she could become anything, her future is wide open!

She's been to baseball games in Pittsburgh, Washington and Orlando. She has been in the arms of models and baseball players. She has travelled to Florida and California. She was born in Maryland and so far has been raised in West Virginia. She has a big brother to help watch over her. She has two parents who love her. She has several grandparents who all adore her. She has great Godparents who love her. She is definitely blessed!

Not only is she blessed but she is also a blessing. Her mother wasn't supposed to be able to have another child. A C-section a year ago and here she is! When your having a bad day or feeling down all you have to do is hold her, and see her smile and your whole attitude will change. She is a lucky child and I am a lucky Dad. Happy Birthday to Daddy's little girl.

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