Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Battle of the Bands Results: Mother's Little Helper

A Rolling Stones song, Eric McFadden and Liz Phair help me create a Battle of the Bands that ends with a tie. Eric had already won one of my Battle of the Bands back in November.  Liz Phair was a first time contestant. Funny thing Eric won his last battle 5 to 4 and this one was 4 to 4. He needed that last vote!

Above is her song "Why Can't I." Well you can't win because you were a vote short. But go on with your "Supernova" self...

On May 1 I will be returning with a brand new Battle of the Bands so stay tuned.

Blogging from A to Z: Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin

I'm a bad influence on my Mom! At least on her music. My Mom likes Led Zeppelin. I already wrote about going to see Robert Plant with her. I've also seen her post a video for "Stairway to Heaven" on her facebook feed.

She has posted about Robert Plant on Austin City Limits. Of course my theme about my mom was done with a "Whole Lotta Love"

Keeping it short as I finish the challenge!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Yesterdays

One day you will run out of yesterdays. Tomorrows and todays will be gone too. Sometimes the yesterday you are looking for isn't yesterday. It is the yesterday, to the yesteryear, or the yester decade. It disappoints likes the dreams for tomorrow.

Yesterday was in the past. Yet it inspires dreams and imagination. Sometimes we want yesterdays to comeback to celebrate. Other times we want it to come back to make it right. However, the time has already sped onto today. We turn our heads to look back and in the horizons of our memories we see yesterday.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: X-Rays

Falls are the leading cause of injuries for the elderly. Therefore it would be easy to say  falls are a leading cause for X-rays among the elderly. My Mother has had her share of falls as an older woman.

Neuropathy  is a leading contributor to X-Rays. Damage from a battle of life. Sometimes you when those battles but battles are only part if the war. The Doctors looking at the X-rays deciding how to mend.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Woman

This trip around the Alphabet is dedicated to my Mother. I think it has shown her as a remarkable woman. Amazing she left her country and raised two kids. She earned a degree majoring in her non-native language.

She had exciting adventures along the way. She shared love. She gardened. She went to some pretty cool concerts.

She has the traits that I hope are passed down to my daughter. She was a strong woman. She was hard working and driven. She is head strong. She is a Mother and Grandmother.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Virginia

Virginia is the state my Mom ended up after she married my Dad in Sweden. They would also have a ceremony in the United States. In Virginia my Mom earned her United States Citizenship. It wasn't easy even if she was marrying an American Sailor who just got out of the service. After a few years of being introduced to Tidewater, Virginia charm they made a change. A move to Jacksonville for a half dozen years. Years spent worrying about me becoming an Alligator snack they moved to Maine for a year. After a year chilling out in Maine they settled back in Virginia until they retired. This time is was the bustling suburbs of Washington. In my Mom's life Virginia was
truly for Lovers.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: U is for Unbelievable

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter U

My word for the letter U during this challenge is Unbelievable.  My Mother's love towards me and my daughter is unbelievable. My love from my Mom is second fiddle to the love my Mom has for my daughter and I completely understand why!

Image may contain: Brandi Love-Spain, smiling, standing, child and christmas tree

Here her Grandparents dressed her up as St Lucia a few Christmas back to share some of her Swedish heritage with her.

My Mom also loves this thing..

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Unbelievable sometimes since they adopted this cat which still clings strongly to it's feral ways. The cat loves them back in her way. She likes to be near them and will check on them. Pet the cat at your own risk! Lately we have been bonding.

Talking about unbelievable things my Mom actually took my daughter for Surf lessons..

Yes my Mom's love is unbelievable. She has given so much and would give so much more if she could.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Trouble

"Trouble" by Little Feat. My Mom has troubles, I have some and everyone does. I love this line in the song...

"Well I'll write a letter, and I'll send it away
And put all that trouble in it you had today."

In Lowell George's days those would have been old fashioned letters. I wish life would be so easy to put the troubles in the letter and send it away.

Now Lowell George died way before I new who Little Feat was. However in the late 80's early 90s they had a strong comeback without George. My mom and I caught Little Feat on New Year's Eve 1992 into 1993 at the recently reopened Warner Theatre in Washington, DC.

They didn't perform this song but that is the connection with my Mom.

Monday's Music Moves Me and Blogging A to Z: Santana

It's a twofer post today. I am doing the A to Z Challenge where you blog based on a specific letter of the alphabet through the month of April. Today's letter is S.

It is also Monday's Music Moves Me and today is a freebie which really makes it easy to intertwine the two.

I have been doing my A to Z relating it to my Mom. The musician I am going to focus on is Santana because my Mom and I went to see him at Wolftrap it was a co-bill with  Jeff Beck. (I went the following day too!)

It was 1995 and her is Santana performing "Jinga" in Peru that year.

Santana "Smooth" with Rob Thomas.

No not all songs from the same year. This is just a collection to enjoy.

One of my all time favorite Santa song is "Winning"

Since the anniversary of Woodstock is coming here is a flashback. Santana performing "Soul Sacrifice" at the festival.

I could do this all day but I know you have other blogs to visit. It was a fun concert which I enjoyed with my Mom.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Blogging A to Z: R is for Roses

I used to get my Mom roses for Mother's Day then I  switched to buying rose bushes. They last longer and give more flowers.

Evelyn Rose

That's an Evelyn Rose picture courtesy of her old blog. Special to her because her Granddaughter is Evelyn Rose.

A purple rose I snagged..

Quick nice post!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Blogging A to Z: Q is for Quiet

 My Mom's labyrinth may have provide a quiet place for her to ponder her thoughts. Maybe walk in solitude. Perhaps read a book at it's edges. If you want to read more about labyrinth check this post or this one from my Mom's old blog.

Quiet can be nice. Sometimes you wish you had been quiet especially when your blurt out something you shouldn't. Sometimes too quiet can be scary. Maybe some quiet time to read a book. Just quick thoughts on quiet.


Blogging from A to Z: P is for Plant and Mom

The year was 1990. I had seen Mr. Plant in 1988 but this time I was going with my mom! The old, Capital Center in lovely Landover, Maryland. 

Alannah Myles opened..

I am sure she played "Black Velvet"

Robert Plant live in 1990 "Anniversary"

The last time he toured near me my Mom kept me up to date with every tour date in the South. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Old

Is old really a destination? My gray hair is a sure sign I am growing old. Another one is the fact I am more likely to be mistaken for the senior citizens discount than be carded buying alcohol. Wow, I'm growing older but I'm not that old yet.

I've reached that point in my life I can't do the things I used to do. I blame it on age but in truth it is I'm not in the shape I used to be in. I keep saying I am going to get that back. Sure, I am as soon as I loose the extra pounds I'm carrying around my mid section.

My dad gave me the advice to never grow old! Received it too late as I was already half way there. I have reached the point in my life when my parents get another health issue I start to think that is another thing I get to look forward too. Unfortunately it scares me!

I see my Mom fighting the things she is going through. I see the damage the treatments have done. I see the things she is fighting keep coming back for another round. I admire my Mother's fight. I wouldn't expect less from her. She is headstrong, determined, stubborn and that's my mom. The fight has left her older still.

These things often are hereditary.  Chances are good I will have a serious health issue I will have to fight as I grow older. Makes me think how much am I willing to fight these things when they come around? Is growing old or older just coming to grip with one's mortality?

Is becoming old watching cars that were cool in your day become antiques? Is becoming old realizing stadiums you watched events in are no longer there? Is becoming old listening songs from your youth being played on the oldies station?

I know I have a lot more living left to do. I'm hoping to enjoy life. However, the journey to old does go through some scary destinations.

Blogging from A to Z: Neptune Beach

Sometimes you can go back down nostalgia road on the internet. Here is a picture of my old school.

I went there for one year when it was first opened. The school and I both are not brand new anymore.

Picture taken from Wikipedia Commons.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, plant, tree, outdoor and nature

My daughter at Jarboe Park in Neptune Beach this past Fall. A place I played at when I was her age.

Of course there is the beach too..

I just wanted to share different things. My parents live there. I know they have enjoyed taking their Granddaughter to the park and Beach. She might have even been told a story about my old school.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Mother's Little Helper and a Battle of the Bands

My Mother has reached that age where she needs a little help, and can use all the Little Helpers she can get. I'm still keeping with my theme and I am multitasking this one into a Battle of the Bands as well!

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter M

I am using the classic Rolling Stones tune "Mother's Little Helper" as the song. I am not going to post the original this time.

Contestant One: Eric McFadden

Contestant Two: Liz Phair

Tell me which version you like best in the comments. I will count up the votes and announce a winner  before The Rolling Stones reschedule their postponed tour. Yes, I have a ticket to see them in Jacksonville. The plan was to visit my Mom and see the Stones. That's life for you it changes plans. However, I will have the results probably on the 28th.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Battle of the Bands Results:B*Witched wins a close one

A strange turn on my Battle of the Bands going with ABBA for inspiration. If ABBA was in the running they may have won the battle!

It was a nail biter! B*witched won 4 to 3 over Cher.

We celebrate winners here!


"Blame it on the Weatherman"

"C'est la vie"

There will be a new Battle of the Bands coming up in a few hours! Stayed tune!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Blogging A to Z: L is for Love

My April Challenge is slightly different from other years in that I have a theme. My theme is about my Mom and I chose that topic with love.

Things my Mom loves..

Evelyn Rose

A picture of one of her Evelyn Roses. She loves her Granddaughter Evelyn and searched far and wide for Evelyn roses.

My Mom in better days in her Garden! Well a bit of Love today!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: K

K in baseball stands for a strike out. I am note striking out on the challenge with the letter K.

Keeping with my theme about my Mom her name starts with a K.

On her road trip she did drive through Kansas.

Keeping it quick and simple today with the letter K.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Blogging A to Z: Jacksonville

My Mom lives in the Jacksonville, Florida area. One of the selling points about moving to where I live is that I would be closer to my parents. As I am growing grayer my parents are growing older. Growing older I am finding out comes with more health issues. I am closer so I can come visit more often. Closer being the keyword. Jacksonville is still about 360 miles from where I am. 360 boring miles due east from me.

Sometimes I throw in a fun distraction like a concert, football game or a meet up with a close friend when I go to Jacksonville.

I don't dislike Jacksonville. I don't like the drive. It is one place that feels like home when I visit. I lived there as a child for about six years. I can drive by the old elementary schools I used to go to. I can walk through the old park I used to play in. I can walk along the beach that I have walked so many times before.

Blogging from A to Z: Independent Woman

My Mom is an independent, determined, strong woman. When she was about my age she had a new to her Jeep Wrangler and she set off for an epic adventure..

She wasn't big on going off road, instead her Jeep adventure was driving across country coast to coast and back alone! Highlights included Death Valley.

Most of the trip she camped out in various campgrounds. Needless to say she saw a great portion of the country.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A to Z Challenge: Hotel is not their House

 Opening up my post with the song "A House is not a Motel" from Love.  My daughter thought my parents lived in a hotel for the longest time when she was little.

My parents have a nice house five blocks from the ocean.  When we were living farther away my parents like any Grandparents I have ever met, wanted to see their Grandchild. When they visited my parents would stay in a hotel. My daughter came to associate the hotel as the place my parents lived.

My parents were so glad when my daughter was able to visit them at their house so they could prove they don't live in a hotel.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Blogging from A to Z: Gardening

My parents enjoyed gardening. Most of my life my parents had a garden and when they didn't they would grow plants, flowers and the such. The gardening has dwindled down due advanced age and health issues. The fruit trees still produce and a crop or two may pop up in the old garden.

To me it looked like too much work! They didn't do a small garden. My parents came from a generation that wasn't scared of hard work. The garden did provide my Mom and Dad something to do together. The garden produced a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Produced enough to over flow their table. They would share their abundance with neighbors, friends and shelters.

I want to say the garden was probably my Dad's influence. I know his parents had a huge garden. My Uncle also has a large garden. My Grandfather was the first generation to leave the farm so I'm sure there is some tradition and heritage somewhere in the mix.

It could be mutual. I know my Mom has relatives in rural areas in Sweden. Whatever the case mght be my Mother enjoyed gardening.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Blogging A to Z: F is for Family

Family goes well with my theme. My theme is about my Mom and my Mom is family.

On my Mom's side of the family I'm not very close. The reason many miles and money being the primary reasons. Though through technology I have been able to connect with some. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

A to Z Challenge: Education

Education is very important to my Mom. She wanted my brother and myself to go to the best public schools we could go to. She was proud of me for getting my undergraduate and Masters degree. Yes having her children gain a solid education was important to her but there is more to the story.

Her education was important too! What she achieved really impresses my Dad. English is not my Mother's native tongue. My Mom gave up a lot to live in America. Life in her country isn't bad. She didn't come here to escape something. She didn't come here because America was better. She didn't come because she had to come. My Mom simply came to America to be with my Dad.

Everywhere we lived my Mom was working on her education. She could speak it when my Dad and her met. My Mom not only Mastered English but got a degree in it!

Now she is proud of her Granddaughter for her grades and wants her to continue her education into college when that day comes. Me, I am just dreading the expenses.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

A to Z Challenge: Days and other D's

Nothing starts a day better than a sunrise.

The video is a sunrise over the Black Sea, my Mom doesn't live by the Black Sea but she does live near the Atlantic Ocean. Living close to the ocean she enjoyed having a cup of coffee and watching the sun come up.

My Mom is still alive. It is just more difficult to get around. You fight a disease without a cure. Sometimes those treatments damage things and make things more difficult.

We have good days, bad days, days that are a little of both. Life can be measured in days. We don't know how many days we have. We don't know what day will be our darkest. As I grow older I tend to realize that in my own life. We can watch the lives of our parents, friends and love ones go by day by day.

I've been able to share some days with my Mom.  We live in a time where if we can't share days we can share moments. We can send pictures instantly. We can talk in real time. Thanks to technology! We certainly can do more than when my Mom was born. Heck we can do so much more since I was born. Someway it is better and some ways it is a distraction.

Make the best of your days! Try to have more good days than bad! Because you never know how many days you can share. You never know how many days you have.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, twilight, outdoor, nature and water

Days come to an end.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019: C is for Clapton

Over the years my Mom became a fan of Eric Clapton. My taste of music was a strong influence on my Mother's taste. She didn't like everything I enjoyed but their was common ground.

                                               "Motherless Child"

She saw Eric Clapton once with me and once with my Dad. She got to see him in Jacksonville with Derek Trucks....  "Why does Love have to Feel so Bad"

My Mom was impressed by Derek..

"Crow Jane"

But it was the Blues side my Mom really likes...

"Old Love"

Thanks for visiting I will be back tomorrow with a post for D!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019: B is for Birthday

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

Today is my Mom's Birthday! If my Mother is following my blog Happy Birthday!

Here is a song for you..

Plenty of B's to go around with The Beatles "Birthday"

Over the years my Mom has bought me concert tickets and has even gone to concerts with me. One of those artists was B.B. King.

"The Thrill is Gone"

I was lucky enough to see B.B. King several times and I was lucky enough to have seen one of those concerts with my Mom. Thanks for visiting and I will be back with a new post soon.

Monday, April 1, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019 A is for ABBA and Battle of the Bands

"A" could be for Ambitious as I try to tackle the first post of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge with my Battle of the Bands blog hop. My song choice comes from ABBA so it certainly features the letter "A."

ABBA is from Sweden and so is my Mom so there is the correlation with how this post relates to my Mom. The song also has "Mother" in the title.

How does the Battle of the Bands post work? I announce a song, try to use the original as a reference, and it will be the first song. You don't vote for this one. I will have two contenders (sometimes more) that will battle it out. In the comments you vote on what version you liked best . You can expand on your vote and tell why, or you can share memories or what not when you vote as well. If you want to find out more about this blog hop visit here.

The Song: ABBA  "Does Your Mother Know

The Battle is between the next two!

Contender One: Cher

Contender Two: B*Witched 

Maybe it is also April Fools Day since I am using ABBA? Anyway please vote in the comments and I will count up the votes and post a winner probably on the 14th. It is usually sooner but with the A to Z Challenge the 14th looks like the best date!