Monday, September 29, 2008

Tigers Pick Up Beau Torbert

Yet another Beau Torbert update...and here I was not going to blog about sports as much on this blog. The Sioux Falls Canaries are reporting Beau Torbert's contract has been purchased by the Detroit Tigers. According to the article it looks like Beau will be competing for a spot in the Detroit Tigers AAA or AA minor league teams this Spring.

Beau Torbert has appeared in AA and AAA before in 2007. He started the year in Corpus Christi (AA) and spent some time at Round Rock (AAA) for the Houston Astros organization. After being a late spring training cut by the Astros and spending the past season in the independent American Association it did not take Beau long to get back into organized ball. Where Beau will end up will be decided at the Tigers Spring Training in Lakeland, Florida.

The Detroit Tigers AA team is the Erie (PA) SeaWolves and the AAA team is the Toledo(Ohio) Mud Hens.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Perfect Way To End Summer

This was a summer of not doing much. Gas prices were high. I was working Saturdays, then I got the weekends off and my wife worked a few Saturdays. My wife switched jobs so she didn't have the time off. A car needed maintenance or something else came up. But then again we did go to the beach in March. We saw 9 Major League Baseball games including a Spring Training game, three in Baltimore, three in Washington, and two in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is how we spent the last seasonal weekend of summer. after attending the memorial service for Dick which I wrote about on my last blog. We headed out to Pittsburgh. Saturday night we watched the Pirates-Astros baseball game. Following the game there was a concert by Lynryd Skynyrd and fireworks. We didn't know about the concert so it was an added bonus.

Then we retired to our hotel room. The next morning we picked up some tidbits at a Super K-mart by the hotel and headed back downtown to see Sunday's game. It was the Pirates home finale. We watched the game and enjoyed the beautiful Pittsburgh afternoon. Afterwards we journeyed back home going another route. We stopped in LaValle, Maryland at a restaurant we have come to enjoy on our travels. Then we finally made it home around midnight.

Beautiful weather, Lynyrd Skynyrd and baseball what a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saint Nick Has Passed Away

Christmas won't be the same now that Saint Nick has passed away. The Parrish Children at Saint John's won't be able to have their pictures taken with "Saint Nick" at the Nicholas Day Fair in December.

I'm pretty sure he wasn't the real Saint Nick, but he did look a lot like him when he dressed up. Had a natural white beard, too. He gladly played the part with joy every holiday season. He was elderly and had some health issues. So, it isn't surprising he passed away. I'm speaking of Dick Weibel.

He was a good man, he was a faithful member of the Parrish who was always willing to help out. Dick could probably dress up as a pirate well too if he wanted with his er ring which isn't typical of a guy his age. But Dick wasn't typical. He had some stories. I remember him telling me of a statue of Jesus which you can dive down and see some where off the coast of the Florida Keys.

It's one of the stories that kind of stuck with me. I'm sure he has a lot of other great stories, unfortunately we will have to wait to hear them. Dick Weibel will be missed by his family, the Parrish, and the community. May God bless him...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pink Floyd's Wright Dies

Richard Wright is another "Diamond to Shine On" as the music world lost another keyboardist. Richard Wright was a founding member and keyboardist for Pink Floyd. He also had a solo career and had appeared on some sessions. Recently on David Gilmour's solo album. (Maybe I date myself here by calling them albums, I suppose some people refer to them as discs or cds now days.)

It's a shame we will never hear Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Richard Wright together again, except on the air ways of a radio, stereo, or MP3 players. No reunion tour and no new music. His battle with cancer now complete at age of 65. He joins an all-star jam session up in Rock and Roll heaven. Where he will be reunited with Syd Barrett. Where they both can shine on. As a music fan Richard Wright will be missed, but his legacy will remain in the catalog of songs by Pink Floyd.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Hurricane

Storms same to have targets on my family this year. First Fay coming ashore near my parents house, now IKE targeting Houston where both of my wife's brothers live, and I guess the Dallas-Fort Worth area where her parents live aren't out of the woods with this storm.

Hitting the Atlantic Coast, Florida, Louisiana and Texas the storms aren't leaving anyone out this season. If you have love ones in the path of this storm, I hope they reach safety. I hope the storm diminishes and the damages are minimal.

It won't be long until the season is over...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

I blogged about 9/11 last September 11. I hope to blog about it every September 11. It was a dark day for America. Terrorists attacked our country with four hijacked airplanes. The attacks killed more people than the attack on Pearl Harbor. Something that is worse was the targets were civilian, except for the Pentagon(however the Pentagon does employ a lot of civilian workers). It is a day that should never be forgotten.

I was fortunate that day. Fate stepped in and I had called off work. The Pentagon plane crashed a short distance from where I worked at the time. A short distance from where both of my parents worked at the time. Where I lived at the time was almost directly halfway between the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania by the way a crow flies. A matter of degrees and the plane could have fallen on me.

Many weren't as fortunate as me. Many people died, many were injured, many lost loved ones and everyone felt the effect of these attacks. True heroes developed from this tragic event. The fire fighters, the rescue teams, the police, and military. The people who volunteered to help and the ones who gave blood and donations.

We must never forget this day. Take time to reflect, take time to offer a prayer or a thought. Take time to remember and offer thanks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Blog

I started a new blog last night on Fox Sports. My blog's name is Mike's View of Sports and you can visit it here. The first blog is about Tom Brady being injured.

I write a lot about sports so it just made since to start a blog just on sports. Sure, sports will still be a part of this blog but it was never the intent of this blog to be all sports. It may same that way sometimes.

I use this blog to write about what is interesting me and my writing. I use it to promote my writing or to expand on it. I use it to experiment. Sometimes, I use it to promote another writer's articles. I also use it to discuss business, interesting reads, music and who knows what.

The new blog will give me a place to write more on sports and open this blog up to more topics.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beau Torbert and The Sioux Falls Canaries win Championship

Well, Beau Torbert and his Sioux Falls team mates won the American Association Baseball Championship series over the Grand Prairie AirHogs three games to one. A Championship, great stats, and being named the leagues player of the year should make this a memorable season for Beau Torbert. A nice way to rebound from being released by the Astros organization. Soon after the celebration of the championship dies down one has to wonder what is next for Beau? Will someone in organized ball pick him up? If so at what level? If organized ball doesn't pick him up will Beau return to the Canaries? Will he play for another independent team? The questions Beau and his fans will ponder over the off season.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fish Story

There's a pond across the street from my house. It isn't the biggest lake, maybe an acre at best. Last summer, the water level was really low and I didn't pay the pond much attention. This Spring, however I made the discovery the pond had fish. The pond, had the usual sunfish. Bluegill and Black Crappie are quite plentiful. I also have caught a bullhead catfish and a turtle. Then there is my favorite, the bass. The pond has both small mouth and large mouth bass. Heck, a few feet in my eyes sounded better than traveling the mile or so down to the river.

A couple weeks ago a rather big bass had bit my bait. I saw the fish and it was large. I felt the fish too. The fish was strong. I was using light tackle. I keep it very simple. A size 6 hook, which I modify by taking a pair of pliers and pinching the barb flat against the hook. I do that with my hooks to make them easier to get out of the fish. I am strictly catch and release. The good lord didn't bless me with the ability to clean a fish. I've tried, but I turn more colors than a chameleon when I do. (And that's cleaning a rather clean fish in a rainbow trout) Heck, at least I'm able to bait a hook. I think the fish like it better that way, they get a belly full of worms, with only an occasional prick of a hook. Some of the fish have some pretty nice skills of cleaning a fish hook clean of bait. They like the meal deal and are happier knowing they won't end up on my grill.

Anyway, I digress back to this big fish on my hook. The fish fights hard, diving down and refusing to come up. Finally, there is slack on my line. The worm, the hook, and the fish are all gone. The fish had used his might and on this day he won. Well Wednesday, I came back to the same fishing spot. I saw my friend. He was still telling his fish buddies how he got the better of me. I'm sure like any good fish story he embellished the story.

Well, I caught plenty of his friends. Some of the sunfish I was catching I saw this big fish chase while they were on my hook. I watched him for a while. He was the man of his turf. The smaller fish kept their distance from him and side swam away. I baited my hook, with a fresh worm. I did a short cast about a foot away from him. I waited a while. The other fish kept their distance. The worm was his for the taking. Boom! He chomped down on the worm and I set the hook. We were in for round two.

He gave it what he had. I cranked on my light tackle gear. My pole bent over toward the fish. My adrenaline was pumping. I was talking to the fish. Probably a good thing I fish alone or the other people would think I was insane. The hook held, the line didn't break and this time there was no escape for the fish. I was excited and the bass was tired. I measured the fish at 19" inches long, took a picture and let the fish back in the water. This time I had won.

Well a 19" large mouth is just short of being a certifiable or trophy fish in West Virginia. The minimum length is 21" for being recognized. I didn't pinch it's tail which would have made him closer. Oh, well he was still a big fish especially for the size of the pond. In his pond he was king and he had the attitude to go with it. He made it personal, he was a worthy opponent, and he was worth it. He won the first time we met which made catching him so much more rewarding. I've caught one other big bass, which I didn't measure at another lake, which was around his size or bigger. So, I can't say for sure he is the biggest fish I ever caught. I can say he is the biggest fish I ever caught at that pond and that I have caught in West Virginia. Maybe, the next time we meet he will have grown two inches but then again maybe the next time we meet he will win.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ready for Some Football

I wrote a few blogs back about my Fantasy Football Team. Getting ready for the season I made my first move cutting my bench quarter back Matt Leinart and replacing him with Vince Young. I will be keeping an eye on the waiver list as I would like to upgrade my running backs and would be tempted in another wide out. The NFL kicks off on Thursday.

College Football completed their opening weekend. I decided to do my own poll. My Top 25 has some surprises. I am sure it is as debatable as any other poll after just one week. Check it out here. However, it is all in fun. Plus it had been a while since I had published anything.

Oh, well it's been a busy week with my wife's birthday, Buffett, fishing, work, family and fantasy football.