Thursday, August 27, 2020

Battle of the Bands Chronicle Volume 8 : Anniversary to 2020

 Battle 111 July 15, 2019 my fifth year anniversary and I picked a classical piece "Flight of the Bumblebee." I pitted shredding Jennifer Batton versus Gisha and Gerome versus Peter Lzuha. It wa a 3-2-2 win for Gisha an Gerome

Battle 112 August 2019 Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You." A folk singer , a jazz pianist Diana Krall and Prince. Prince won the shutout 5 to 0.

Battle 113 August 2019 classic jazz of "Sleepwalk" as raved up by Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani. It was a 4-3 decision. Joe won 4 to 3.

Battle 114 September 2019 Bob Dylan's Maggie Farm. Take the folk rock somewhere different with Rage Against the machine against Solomon Burke. Rage was a bit too caffeinated and we had a shut out.

Battle 115 Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" and the Battle featured Every Avenue and Jump Off. Jump Off took this one 5 to 1.

Battle 116 October comes and I had girls rocking out AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock." Lzzy Hale vs Hells Belles. It was a tie 3 a piece.

Battle 117 Still Rocking Hard with Van Halen's "Running with the Devil." Jake E. Lee rocked it out and I pitted him against Jennifer Hope. I just discovered her version which was more artsy then rocking. Jake wins 6 to 2.

Battle 118 Montrose "Bad Motor Scooter" was next. The Chi-Lites versus The L.A. Underscore versus Pete Manley. Chi-Lites won 4 to 2 over the LA Underscore and Pete was a third wheel.

Battle 119 I went back to Montrose for "Rock Candy" but I did see Sammy Hagar that month. Lita Ford versus Lee Aaron. Another tie.

Battle 120 December 2019. I know Joni isn't a reader favorite but I was really doing this one for Jaco. The tune was "Coyote." Bailen and Glen Hansard were the contestants. After two ties Bailen pitches a 7-0 shutout.

Battle 121 last Battle of 2019. I went with The Roadrunner theme since my last battle was a tune called Coyote. Bo Didley, The Rolling Stones, and The Pretty Things. 3, 2, 1 The Stones win, Diddley was last.

Battle 122 Happy 2020 "Smoke on the Water" was finally used. I was digging classical guitarist Nadja Kossinskaja, she did this a crossover and you did not like it. I get that it wasn't well received elsewhere. However as a terrible guitarist it is good to see someone good fail. Dread Zeppelin and Metallica tied.

Battle 123 We went overtime with "Smoke on the Water" this time an All Star Group versus Mr Big. The All Stars won 5 to 3.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Battle of the Bands Chronicle Volume Seven: 2019 A journey to my 5th Anniversary of Battle of the Bands

 I started 2019 with a Battle Featuring JJ Cale's "After Midnight." It was a free form battle John Mayer, the original JJ Cale and Eric Clapton. Cale beat Clapton 4 to 3 and John went off to mind his business playing with Dead and Company.

Next up was my 99th Battle! So we celebrated with "99 Balloons." Sleeping at Last edged out Goldfinger 4 to 3 on the popular hit.

Battle 100 A Little Feat "Easy to Slip." I like Little Feat, Bob Weir was easy to add and irt was an interesting Battle adding Sandy Denny. Bob won 5 to 3.

Battle 101: Redemption Song.  Life needs Bob Marley. Yannick Noah a basketball player slam dunks Stevie Wonder in this one.7 to 2 was the score. 

Battle 102 : A Guitar battle featuring "Classical Gas." Great tune and two great guitarists Tommy Emmanuel verses Chet Atkins. Tommy won 5 to 3. One of my favorites!

Battle 103 we end March with a tie. Tin Turner versus Prince both covering Led Zeppelin where do I get these battles? It was a Whole Lotta Love.

Battle 104 April saw the start of A to Z and pull out ABBA. "Does your Mother  Know" B'Witch versus Cher.  B' Witch won 4 to 3.

Battle 105 April ended with The Rolling Stones "Mother's Little Helper" featuring Liz Phair and Eric McFadden. Eric won 5 to 4.

Battle 106 May with "Yesterday" featured Connie Talbot versus Marvin Gaye. 4 to 2 Marvin!

Battle 107 Stephen Stills classic "Love The One your With," Strange twists same to be my game. Luther Vandross versus The Supremes/The Four Tops. Luther won 4 to 3.

Battle 108 The Thirteenth Floors' "You're Gonna Miss Me" was my trippy selection. The Heard versus Jad Wio. The Heard won another close one.

Battle 109 from Psychedelia  to Gospel. Ramblin' Jack Elliot versus Hot Tuna. Keeping it close Jack won 4 to 3.

Battle 110 Sheryl Crowe beat PP Arnold 3 to 1 for a Battle over Cat Steven's "The First Cut is the Deepest."

That brings us current through the first five years of Battles. Life turns, twists but the Battles rage on! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Battle of the Bands: Results with an Asterisk

   Do we have a tie? Do we have a decision? Do we apply an asterisk? We have controversy! Were the Russians involved (Not that I would care. Heck they are more than welcome the votes!)  Where is Geraldo Rivera? 

If it's rule a tie I can't do overtime. Hard pressed to find two more decent covers and the length of the tune.

John went with Henrik and Arlee went with Gary. Cathy casted for Henrik. Then Stephen the co-founder of this crazy bloghop, an overall great man, and a notorious double voting outlaw came and voted for Gary Moore. He also casted a guest vote from Judge Al Bondigas also for Gary. The Honorable Judge is also apparently Stephen's brother. I'll leave this up to Geraldo! A Judge has connections, could tie my life in litigation, drive me bankruptcy in legal fees. Geraldo could solve everything by finding a vault by the legendary Gangster of Love Steve Miller. Inside said vault is all the votes from people who visit and don't leave a vote. But alas the vault would be empty but I could "take the money and run" with Geraldo.

See how crazy this world has gotten when the writing goes from Stephen, a Judge, Geraldo and Steve Miller. 

Birgit voted for Gary Moore. Talking about outlaws,  Sixgun McItchyfinger was next calling for the Postmaster General to investigate the shady votes from Stephen. He voted for Henrik. Perhaps it could be decided by a duel. A safe duel where safety is first. Maybe rubber band guns used with proper safety glasses. Social distanced wearing the dang mask.  

So Gary Moore wins this one by one more vote! What a great battle almost closer than I tie. The great late Gary Moore wins with an asterisk.

                                              He "Still Got the Blues"

Probably that darn asterisk!

He was "Waiting in the Wings"

I will leave you with this song..

Come back September for more fun! Of course any hard times, kidding is all in good fun, without Stephen you probably wouldn't be reading this!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Battle of the Bands: The Messiah Will Come Again

 If you don't like long, guitar tunes you might want to skip my battle this time around.  If you can only listen to one, listen to the one by the original artist it is a masterpiece.  Now if you like long guitar pieces you have found the right battle. The tune is from Roy Buchanan who died on August 14, 1988.  If you can make it through the tunes please vote in the comments.

Roy's version:

Alright you vote for the one you like between the two contenders.

Contender One: Henrik Freischlader

Contender Two: Gary Moore

A song by one of the best guitarists you might not of heard of with his song performed by someone famous and a lesser known artist. Enjoy the battle see you soon!

Friday, August 7, 2020

Battle of the Bands Results: Petty, Page and Crowes Cover Green

 My August 1st battle voting started with a welcome surprise a new voter. Tom Petty was on the board. Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes shaked their money maker into the next two votes. Tom Petty wouldn't back down and came back with four straight votes. Stephen even tried to vote twice ! Talking about things happening twice I had a second new voter as well. So we are at 5 to 2 Tom Petty. The two bands split the last two votes so the final score was Tom Petty 6 Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes 3. I wish had cool tee shirts I could send out for the new voters. It was nice to get some new voters and it is nice to get the votes from the regulars.

Please don't be like this song...

"Don't Come Around Here Know More"

Starting are Tom Petty celebration!

"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"

Tom Petty with a connection to another side of Fleetwood Mac, a landslide away from Peter Green's band.

Hopefully "Something Good Coming" ..

Thanks for visiting I will have a new battle on the 15th and probably a post between now and then!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

R.I.P Steve Holland

"Flirtin' with Disaster" is probably my favorite Molly Hatchet song.  Probably a good place to start as I write a tribute for the last original member of the band who passed away this week, guitarist Steve Holland. Steve had left the group in 1984. In 1999 Holland played  benefit concert for ailing original vocalist Danny Joe Brown, former Hatchet members Bruce Crump, Banner Thomas, and Dave Hlubek. They performed the benefit under the name The Dixie Jam Band.

Here they perform "Flirtin' with Disaster" there is1 to 2 minutes of talk before they perform the song...

In the years he left Molly Hatchet Steve played in a group called "Gator Country" comprised of Hatchet alumni.  

Here is that group covering Bad Company's "Oh, Atlanta"

Here is the original Molly Hatchet performing the song "Gator Country"

Maybe a different flavor "Fall of the Peacemakers"

Sad that the original band has all passed away. Being raised in "Gator Country," to heckling (it was in good fun) a guitarist who's band singer would eventually front Molly Hatchet I would have to say the band has a place on my musical shelve and it is nice to play the songs from time to time. I guess Rock and Roll Heaven needed to complete the band for some Southern Rock and Roll!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Battle of the Bands: Oh Well!

Peter Green passed away a few days ago. I did a tribute post to him but I held back a gem of a song called "Oh Well." It is right up my alley classic guitar fueled blues rock.

The second verse is fitting, I can imagine him having this conversation entering heaven..

Now, when I talked to God, I knew He'd understand
He said, "Stick by my side and I'll be your guiding hand
But don't ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to"

There is probably a lot of truth to that verse for everyone. Thankfully there is a whole lot of grace.  Hear my full sermon at the Church of the Late Night Rock and Roller.

Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well"

Next I have two contenders. To be part of the great democracy I have established here 6 years ago after being shown the great path to freedom by Stephen and company. You can find a full list of bloggers on similar musical roads at his site. I admit sometimes the freedom turns into anarchy  but that's okay  it is usually better than the real world. Anyway I have two contenders you vote in the comments which version you liked the best or hated the least and I count up the votes and post about a winner in a week or so.  

Contender One: Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes

Contender Two: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Hope you enjoyed the Battle, I look forward to reading nd counting your votes! I will have another Battle on the 15th and in between I will post the winner of this Battle and probably a few more posts. As always you are welcome to visit, enjoy the snacks help yourself to a beverage.