Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take A Hike

Well I published my article on day hikes yesterday. The artilcle is linked here: Best Day Hike's Near Harpers Ferry. The article highlights two hiking routes one fairly easy and another one a bit more difficult. It was pretty easy for me, since both trails are local to me and both routes I have hiked recently.

I did a lot of hiking as a teenager when I was growing up. Then I did some in college. Then my hiking has been here and there. The last couple of years I really haven't done much. This year it has been renewed a bit since I live so close to the trails. Prior to that I had been doing more biking. This bike trail could be an easy hike as well..the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

Being so closed to Maryland and having lived in Maryland as well I did write an article a while back on Helium about Best Day Hikes in Maryland.

Other articles on hiking I have written on helium include:
Hikes in Point Beach State Forrest, Wisconsin

A look at good hikes around Salem, Oregon

Now is the time to go hiking, taske a break and enjoy the outdoors.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

I just published two more articles and this time they were on football! I think this is where I left off in my writings way back in January. I did short previews on the NFC West and AFC North. In the NFC West I made the prediction the Arizona Cardinals would win the division but it would be a tight race with the Seattle Seahawks. In the AFC North I predicted the Pittsburgh Steelers would repeat as division champions.

Here is the link to my NFC West Preview article.

Here is the link for my AFC North Preview article.

I have a deadline of tonight for an article on day hikes, and I have signed up for two more baseball articles.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally I Write Again..

Almost as rare as a perfect game..I wrote another article! It is actually about Mark Buehrle's perfect game for the Chicago White Sox and how the event ranks in White Sox history. It was neat to look up some of the historic events in White Sox history.

The article is here. Hey, it is only my second article this year. However, I think I am going to get some done this weekend so stay tune.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beau Torbert Update at the All-Star Break

The American Association is on there All-Star Break as the first half has ended. The All-Star game will be played tonight in Fort Worth, Texas. Beau Torbert who has had his playing time interrupted by injuries did not make the All-Star team. However, four Sioux Falls Canaries did make the team. Those players are second baseman Joe Anthonsen, third baseman Trevor Lawhorn, outfielder Corey Harris, and shortstop Tim Hutting.

Beau Torbert has played in 30 games and is batting a team high .358 with 5 homers and 27 runs batted in. Beau has 43 hits n 120 at bats. Torbert offensive numbers have improved a bit from the last update playing in four more games. Defensively Beau has committed 3 errors in 30 games. Hopefully, Beau will stay healthy for the second half.

Stats and info from and

Monday, July 20, 2009

40 years ago..

A short one today about Walter Cronkite and the mission to the moon. Forty years they put a man on the moon. The man who probably told a lot of people passed away over the weekend, Walter Cronkite. He is the first newsman I remember. News people have come and gone but no one will ever replace Walter Cronkite. There have been other anchor men (and woman) who do a great job. Just like the space program has launched more rockets, and sophisticated shuttles. However, none of them will will ever compare to putting the first people on the moon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Could have been worse..

I let my daughter play a little longer at daycare. Let's face it, I know she loves me, but even at 2 kids like to play with their friends and have fun. Then I decided to take her out to dinner and enjoy some valuable father-daughter time. Mom had an appointment anyway so it wasn't like I had anything pressing to do. Then my daughter was ready to go home. No fuzz when I put her in the car, no wanting to play some was simply time to call it a day.

Thankfully, I buckled her into her car seat. As we were going up the hill, a deer decided to cross the road. I slowed down, stopped waited for the deer. I looked for other deers before I proceeded. I had done everything you are supposed too. As I was driving away. I heard a thump against my car. As I drove off..I saw the deer rolling on the ground.

We were fine. Was it a second deer, I don't know. Perhaps the first deer had tried to cross again. Fortunately, there was no damage to my vehicles and both my daughter and I were safe. She didn't even know anything was wrong and her juice didn't spill.

I did look for deer carcasses the next day and did not see one. I felt bad, since the deer may have been injured. However, I do feel lucky since lots of incidents with cars and deer result in much more damage and injuries.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Substitute

Tough morning. Both my wife and I are working today. Our regular daycare person is taking the day off for the Holiday. Our normal backups fell through so the scramble was on..I ended up finding someone.

It is tough enough to leave your child with a total stranger. I am sure she is fine and there will be no problems. She did have references and provided a website where I could search her out. However, it is still tough to drop a child off.

My daughter didn't make it easy either. She acted very shy in this persons apartment. She was very clingy. I walked her through the place. Showed her the puppy. However, she was still clingy. I waited with her 10-15 minutes and she was still clingy. Then I handed her off at the door, my daughter was not happy and I saw the big old tears coming. She did not make it easy.

I will pick her up early today since I am not working late. So, she won't be gone as long as usual.