Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Battle of the Bands: Willin' for Overtime

Rocktober was fun! Now a new month is here. You might think I would be moving into something new, but no my Battle of the Bands has some unfinished business.

Back on September 15th,  I paired The Back Crowes against The Byrds. The song was Little Feat's Willin' and the results were a tie.

Groovy live track for reference...

It's time to break the tie! It is overtime! First up we have a singer that  has covered this song so well some people think it is her song. Second is perhaps the next best known cover of the song. The genres get blurred in this one..

  Contestant One: Linda Ronsdstadt

Contestant Two: Steve Earle

The fun election is here so listen, choose and vote in the comments!


Debbie D. said...

Both good! Linda Ronstadt had a smoother vocal delivery. Please give my vote to her.

Arlee Bird said...

I always liked the way Seatrain did this song--it was more uptempo than these versions. Between the two you've used in this Battle I prefer Linda. Earle was good, but Ronstadt gets my vote.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Mary Burris said...

As much as I like Linda Ronstadt, I'm going to have to give my vote to Steve Earle. His version held my attention a little more.

Good battle!


John Holton said...

I vote Linda Ronstadt because, you know, Linda Ronstadt.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Mikey!

Purists will surely pick Steve Earle on this one, but I have been a sucker for Linda Ronstadt since my college years when she fronted the Stone Poneys trio. It brings me down to know that Linda's lovely voice has been silenced by Parkinson's disease. Linda is my sentimental favorite and I am voting for her mainstream country-pop interpretation of "Willin'."

Thanks, Mike!

Jeffrey Scott said...

I've got a soft spot for Linda. I like her music. Her music tends to be more pop than country, but I will listen to both. Please give her my vote.
PS - The first video (the reference one) does not work in my country.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

MIKE, I thought both of the recordings were pretty good, but I definitely liked the "smooth wine" version by LINDA RONSTADT bettter of the two.

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Cathy Kennedy said...

Mike, I really didn't care too much for Steve Earle's cover. It was just a bit too twany to suit my ear but I did like Linda Ronstadt and she gets my vote.

Cherdo said...

Linda Ronstadt takes the vote today; I have a week spot for that sweet voice.

Robin said...

I don't think my comment took. Give me Steve please!

Birgit said...

I do like the rockabilly sound of Steve Earle but I am a Linda Ronstadt fan big time. Her voice is so strong and it sounds like she doesn't even try so she gets my vote