Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rocktober Birthday: Bob Weir

Bob Weir could fit into so many categories and since it is my blog I will squeeze him into my Roctober birthdays. He just released his album "Blue Mountain" which I will probably buy. I've heard the release described as being influenced by "cowboy music." This intrigues me because the first music I was drawn to as a child was cowboy music. Why? I don't know I was born in Southeastern Virginia not exactly cowboy lands. Since then my musical tastes have zigzagged across an ever growing musical spectrum. That spectrum included Bob Weir and his band The Grateful Dead.

It has been three years since the last time I celebrated Bob's birthday. You can revisit that post here. I think it is certainly time to celebrate again.

The title track of his new album performed live..

Here he is with the latest Grateful Dead spin-off Dead and Company "I Know You Rider"

I couldn't forget Ratdog with "Money for Gasoline"..

I'll leave you with another new track "Gonesville"..

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for a new post sometime.

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