Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday S.E. Hinton!

Today is the birthday of award winning author S.E. Hinton. She is most famous for classic Young Adult novel The Outsiders. The book has sold over 14 million copies and continues to sell about a half million copies a year.

I was stunned to find out she wrote this novel as a teenager. I guess if you have a great story to share age doesn't matter. Her teenage perspective may have helped her create something so successful in the Young Adult genre.

Her book was turned into a movie...

Several of her works were made into film. Probably the most popular being Rumble Fish.

Have you read any of her other works beside The Outsiders? What did you think? I have only read her most famous novel. Well, I will be back soon with a new post.

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Liz A. said...

I think I read a couple others of hers. That was the age where I read everything a librarian gave me, and she put most of her books in my hands at one point or another.

Did you know she's on Twitter? I think I followed her.