Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Little Fishing

Some how June slipped away without me getting any fishing in. July I went to a couple of house parties on the bay. It was the Holiday weekend. I brought my fishing pole with me. Is that poor party adequate?

It was very cool. Swimming, jet skis, cooking out during the day. Then wandering down the pier about sunset. The sunsets were amazing! A great place to watch fireworks as well. Nice breeze felt good after sizzling July days.

Catching a dozen saltwater hardhead catfish each night. Always fun to catch consistently. Though they got in a few good slices.

Then last night I went fishing at night on a pier close to the beach. A hot summer night with a refreshing sea breeze. Interesting mix of people throughout the night. Someone appeared to get busted on the road by the pier. Watching the strobe lights of the sirens, watching as the tow truck towed the card, and everyone on the pier appeared relieved it wasn't them.

I wasn't fishing for anything big. Ended up catching a half dozen fish including catfish, croaker and ground mullets. Just a good way to spend a night for an insomnia suffering person.

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Liz A. said...

Don't all your friends know you're going to fish? They should expect that of you.