Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Battle of the Bands: Relax

The recent events have made me want to celebrate Pride this month and pay tribute to the victims at The Pulse. This battle is taking quite a shift from the last battle. Welcome to my Battle of the Bands for June 15, 2016. Here are the rules: You pick the one you like best by casting your vote in the comments. I tally them up and I will announce the winner on the 21st. I encourage you to check out the other mighty Battles and if you want to join up details can be found here!

I'm old school so maybe in the 80's this song was played in Gay Clubs like the Pulse. I know I heard t a time or two. What kind of club was I going to when this song came out? Probably an afterschool play club.

The Song: Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Challenger One: Powerman 5000

Challenger Two: Lika Morgan

So who gets your vote? Please vote in the comments and I will be back soon with a new post.


Debbie D. said...

Shocking, what's been going on this last week! :( "Relax" is a good choice of song, considering all the trauma. I have to be honest, though; it's not exactly a favourite and the two covers weren't as good as the original. The second one was easier to listen to, so please give my vote to Lika Morgan.

Arlee Bird said...

I certainly remember this song though only from the radio or wherever I might have heard it playing--not a gay club though. Wasn't a fan so never owned a copy of the original. The trance dance Lika version was okay but I no lika all that much. I sometimes enjoy listening to the electronic dance stuff like this, but it can get kind of old with too much listening. I wouldn't listen to the Powerman version much either because it would get very annoying to my ears but at least they gave a different twist to the song. I'll give my vote to Powerman on the basis of minor originality and it was shorter.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Ironically, I never realized how similar Frankie Goes to Hollywood sounds like Prince. Also, I thought there was a version by George Michael? Maybe not.

This is a tough choice because I like Frankie's the most. Lot of fun to exercise to... not just dance. Powerman 5000 is too heavy for me, even though Lika Morgan lacks a bit of luster. (Is that the word I want?) Instrumentally I like them better.

My vote is for Lika Morgan.

John Holton said...

This isn't a particular fave of mine, so I went by overall sound, and found Lika Morgan's more to my liking, so that gets my vote.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Debbie pretty much stole my comment.
As a fan of the 80's, I heard this song on the radio frequently growing up.
Also, I too wonder what makes a person so enraged they are willing to kill innocent people. It just doesn't make sense, but that is the wicked system we live in I guess.

Michele Truhlik said...

Hey Mike. Nice tribute BOTB post to the victims of the Pulse massacre. Such a tragedy.

I know a lot of folks aren't fond of the electronic dance music but I like it --- in small doses. I was really digging Powerman's version. Lika's version was boring in comparison to Powerman's so give my vote to them.

BTW, Lee's comment above regarding Lika's version: "I no lika all that much" CRACKED ME UP! hahaha...

Michele at Angels Bark

Mary Burris said...

The 80's were certainly an interesting time. Sometimes I like to sit back and reflect on what was going on around me at the time and remember all of the fun hairstyles and outfits and the music that we listened to. I was a young naive girl from Idaho in the 80s and lived quite the sheltered life in those days - but I do remember this song fondly. These days the young girls are all dying their hair gray, and I'm doing everything that I can to keep the gray out! (alright, who am I kidding - I've given up the fight of the gray - it was a battle I was not going to win)

Back to the battle - I enjoyed Powerman's version, but it was Lika made me want to get up and dance. My vote goes to Lika

Jingle Jangle Jungle

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I didn't like the song in the 1980s, and I don't like the song in 2016. But between these two versions I'll vote for POWERBALL 5,000. At least they attempted to change the arrangement somewhat from the original.

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Robin said...

My club of choice in the 80s was the roller rink.

The first one was just too hard for these ears. So, I'll for the second one because I Lika it better:)

Birgit said...

I think this is a great choice for this week considering what happened in Orlando. My friends love this song and so do I and we often danced to this. I vote for Lika because it is danceable and that is part of what the song is about. The first one just sounded a bit too evil sounding like so many of those heavy metal bands. I often don't care for that style in the voice.