Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Month in Concerts: Robert Plant

I had mentioned I was able to catch a couple of shows this month and someone had commented on who I had seen. Well to start the month I caught Robert Plant in Mobile, Alabama. My friends and family knew I was going to catch this tour the mystery was where I was going to catch it. I chose the venue nearest my home.

Artwork outside the Saenger Theatre in Mobile...

I ended up with great view

The opening band was The Sonics which my Battle of the Bands friends may recognize from this post.

The Sonics in action..

Of course I was there to see this guy..

I am sorry I didn't catch another show on this tour since Robert Plant is mixing up set list on this tour. The pictures were taken by me, if you use them it would b cool if you gave me credit.

My thoughts on the show. He has stretched the songs making them more psychedelic. I liked his version of "That's The Way" the best.

The setlist included six Led Zeppelin covers and a few blues covers as well that teased Zeppelin. Only 4 songs were from solo albums. While his takes on his old band are bold and adventurist, I would have liked him to have performed more solo songs. However, the show was a fun time!


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Glad you had a blast, Mike! It did sound like a good concert.

Elliptical Man said...

I didn't know Mobile was so close to Spain. Bwahahahaha.