Monday, March 28, 2016

A Day in My Life: Easter Funday!

Sundays in general is my family day. There are exceptions. However, with Sunday being my only set off day it is the day that I am most available. My random day off in general is my day. Of course my day sometimes gets taken over by errands and family when available.

Well today was Easter Sunday, a traditional family day which we spent together as a family. The family day was much needed since my daughter just got back from a week long trip to Texas. Unfortunately for us the weather decided to rain most of the day.

My girls woke up to Easter baskets over flowing with goodies. Though the wife said the Easter bunt didn't like her as much this year as there was no wine in the basket. Well the girls all got all fancied up and we went to the traditional Easter Sunday Church service.

The church Easter Egg hunt was moved inside and then we went home and changed. Due to the weather her other Easter Egg hunt was postponed until the evening.

Then on to the less traditional things on the schedule. Certainly the Easter Bunny is important but sometimes it is important to realize other things hop, like a kangaroo...

I never knew kangaroos were so soft!

However, Easter has a lot to do with eating. I thought I would let my daughter feed a kitty cat...

I tried to explain to her that handling a tiger is a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, it was just two years ago when this happened...

I told her the fine print to that was unless you have a Dad like me! As for the Easter Egg hunt my daughter did pretty good finding 89 of the 97 Easter Eggs. Needless to say she is sound asleep as I write that. Well I hope your Sunday was fun as well!

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holli said...

Your daughter's dress was so cute!! She looks so much like you.
Sounds like a great Easter. Hope you got your wife a bottle of wine later.