Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 Wanee Festival Lineup Part 1: Two artists with a debut album, BIg Something and a regular

Wanee Music Festival is set for April 14, 15 and 16 of 2016. It will be the second Wanee Festival without the Allman Brother Bands but this festival has a fantastic lineup. There will be a helping of Allman flavored bands with Greg and Devon. Most years I blog about Wanee's lineups. This year I will be doing them as a series. It look like it might be a six part series but that could change.

Nigel Hall

Fresh with a new album Ladies & Gentleman Nigel Hall is ready to dazzle the ivories and sing his soul and get the funk out at Wanee! He has collaborated with a lot of artists who are appearing at Wanee such as Warren Haynes, Soulive and Oteil Burbridge. I wouldn't be surprised to see a surprise guest in his set or a Nigel guesting with other artists during the festival.

Here is a taste of his music "Lay Away"..

Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear

You don't always hear or see a musical duo of a mother and son. If you journey to Live Oak, Florida this Spring for Wanee you will have the chance to see one when Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear hit the stage. The duo has been featured on NPR and have released their debut album "Skeleton Crew." Below they perform "Silent Movies"...

Big Something

Big Something has released three albums. There first one in 2010 was proclaimed the album of the year from the Homegrown Music Network. Their second album claimed album of the year awards from Homegrown Music Network,  Endless Boundaries Radio and Angelica Music. The group has opened for groups as diverse as The B52s, Galactic, and The Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Big Something is turning into something big!

Here they perform "The Undertow"...

Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio

Bobby Lee Rodgers performed in a band called The Codetalkers which featured Bruce Hampton. Bobby Lee Rodgers went solo in 2009 and he hasn't forgotten his jazz roots. He is a regular at The Wanee Festival and plenty of his fans will be there!

Below he performs "Mr. P.C."..

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