Monday, July 13, 2015

The movie "Dead Kansas"

I'm playing catch up on my blog going back and blogging about thinks I meant to blog about earlier.  I reviewed a movie called "Dead Kansas" last month. It was a Zombie flick. You can read my review here.

dead kansas

The film brought me full circle to the first film I reviewed Blood and Donuts which was about vampires instead of zombies.

Here is a promo of sorts for Dead Kansas..

The film did win the Fantastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego Award for Best Zombie movie in 2014. I thought the movie was a bit short. I know the budget was low but it would need more to be a feature film. That said the film did have it's moments and I was impressed by a couple of things!


Janie Junebug said...

I grew up in Kansas. It's always been dead.


Cathy Kennedy said...

I haven't heard of either movie before, but Blood and Donuts sounds like a cool title. DH would get a bite out of it (he's a donut NUT!)I'm sure. lol