Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Carlos Santana

Today July 20, 2015 marks Carlos Santana's birthday and I plan to celebrate his birthday with lots of great music. It is a bonus to have back to back great guitarist birthdays like Brian May and Carlos. So I will open up the music with a song called "Winning."

He has won multiple Grammy Awards, the majority of them coming later in his career with collaborations like this one with Rob Thomas..

As you can see Carlos Santana has been very "smooth" over the years. his career has gone a long way since Woodstock when he performed "Soul Sacrifice"...

Here he is with Michelle Branch with "The Game of Love"..

I hope you enjoyed your visit. I will be back tomorrow with the winners post of my Battle of the Bands post.


Arlee Bird said...

Carlos Santana is a true rock legend.

Tossing It Out

Madilyn Quinn said...

Oh! Happy Birthday, Santana! I remember listening to his stuff when I was a kiddo!

holli said...

Santana is awesome!! Did you know Carlos also designed his own shoe line? I have 3 pairs of Carlos heels and they are all fun and funky!!