Wednesday, May 6, 2015

BOTB Winner: Kai Winding

I didn't expect Kai Winding to win. I put him into the competition with Irma Thomas and The Rolling Stones on a whim, literally as a what the heck before I published the post. He won easily with The Rolling Stones in second place. If Kai wasn't in the running it would have been close between Irma and the Stones.

Things happen. I saw Irma Thomas last year and my original thought was going to watch Bela Fleck, an incredible banjo player on another stage. However, I met up with a friend of mine at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and ended up staying put and watching Irma Thomas again. When I listened to her perform on stage I thought the song sounded better than the Rolling Stones version and the seed of the BOTB was sowed.

Since Kai won the competition and a lot of my visitors enjoyed his playing. I thought I would share a few more Kai Windong tunes I hope you enjoy.

Here Kai Winding performs "Loverman"...

What a line up of talent on that song! The great Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet, Art Blakey on drums and Thelonius Monk on piano. Sonny Stitt adds sax and Al McKibbon plays bass.

Below two trombones are better than one. Kai is joined by J.J. Johnson on "It's Alright with Me."

Here he is with "More"...

I think everyone wanted a bit "more" Kai Winding! Well he is the winner and I look forward to my next Battle of the Bands on May 15 so stay tuned! 


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Mike! I'm discovering that, when it comes to these BOTB contests, you should never bet money on the outcome because you'll probably lose. I love it when the dark horse wins and it's exciting to learn that Kai Winding's version came out on top. I think there are two reasons why people voted for Kai's recording. Most of us have heard the Stones' version a gazillion times by now and might be a little tired of it. Soul men like me are also familiar with the Irma Thomas version. Nearly everyone is attracted to something new and different, and Kai's original was new to me and to other readers. Secondly, I think voters were enamored with Jerry Ragovoy's exciting arrangement, his inspired idea to feature a jazz trombonist playing on what is otherwise a gospel drenched, deep soul recording, the kind for which "Rags" was famous.

You put on a great BOTB, Mike, and I thank you very much for helping to make mine a success, too!

John Holton said...

I've been surprised on more than one occasion by the way the judges vote on the BotB's. There are times I think it'll be a runaway, but it isn't, or it'll run the other way.

I never knew that Kai Winding did the definitive instrumental version of "More," or that Kenny Burrell played on it. Learn something new every day.

John Holton
The Sound of One Hand Typing
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Arlee Bird said...

Actually I didn't think Winding was in the contest so I didn't even consider his version. Even so I would have still voted for the Stones version since this is one of my favorite recordings of all time--a lot of memories attached to that one for me.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
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Al Penwasser said...

Better than the Rolling Stones? Wow. But, the Stones look better in spandex.
Oh. Wait. Check that.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hi Mike! I loved Kai's version, but I figured it was a long shot. Glad I voted for him anyway. It was a tough enough battle. The queen was good too. Stones, sure, why not... but no!

Something else, Mike. I have been looking for this version of "More" since my Grandfather passed away in 1981. I had no idea it was Kai Winding, and my Grandmother couldn't remember. She passed in 1998, and I never found it, until today!!! This is the version my Grandfather and I would dance to when I was a very little girl. We danced to everything. All I could remember was that it sounded like "Telstar" with the beginning high pitched notes. But the Ventures did "Telstar," and not this version of "More." Can you imagine? 1963 - 2015? I've got it now. Thank you, Mike.

See you on May 15th!! Loved this battle :)

farawayeyes said...

Hey Mike, I have to say, I believe that this has been my very favorite of your BOTB's, so far. I've been saying that a lot today. Everyone must have been on my wavelength on 5-1.

I had never heard of Kai Winding before your BATTLE, and I am so9 appreciative of the exposure. The songs you posted again, in this 'results' post are as terrific as his version of 'Time Is On My Side'.

Before your BATTLE, I had thought this was a Stones original, and never actually heard it done by someone else. I liked their version well enough, but if Kai had not been in the running, I would have voted for Irma over Mick and the Boys. Funny how that happens sometime.

Excellent BATTLE. I thank you again and again for the exposure to something new, different, and better,

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Yep, with BOTB you just never really know until the votes are counted.

This time, I was actually slightly concerned that I could possibly have a shutout on my hands. In the end, it was the exact opposite: a tie.

~ D-FensDogG