Sunday, March 8, 2015

State of the Blog

The blog is alive! It has just took a brief pause. I try to keep a balance. It doesn't work. It is a battle. This blog isn't planned was never meant to be planned. It covers a lot. Sometimes it gets stuck in a rut other times it flows steady and easy. In the end it is what it is.

This month I have another Battle of the Bands post to come up with. I also have some travel planned. Plus I am sure the world and life will supply a few things to blog about. Plus I have a few things I was gonna blog about but haven't blogged about.

Sometimes you just don't want to sit behind the computer when you could be out seeing views like this..

Of course next month starts the A to Z Challenge so there will be plenty of posts being posted. So, yest the blog has been posting much for a bit but there is more to come.

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