Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

Scientists, mathematicians, and math geeks rejoice! Today is Pi Day! I have heard that today is even more of a special Pi Day than most since the date is 3/14/15 which matches the first five digits of Pi 3.1415.

Rumor has it today's celebrations will peak twice, once at 9:26:53 AM and again at 9:26:53 PM. I may join in with the wild celebrations by perhaps treating myself to a slice of pie!

If I join in to the celebration I would then need to select what kind of pie. I could stay with a traditional apple pie. Perhaps a tart slice of Key Lime pie. The choices go on and on. I am sure a slice of chocolate silk pie has very few calories.

Are you going to celebrate Pi Day? Are you going to eat a slice of pie? What is your favorite type of pie?

Here is an explanation of Pi:

Happy Pi Day and enjoy your Saturday!

1 comment:

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Ha! Happy Pi day to you, Mike!
Loved the video, and oh yeah, ironically some friends are having a pie party this evening!

Actually, there'll be coconut pie and hot fudge sundaes (for pie haters?).

And.... Happy Birthday! Pi Guy!