Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Return to New Orleans

No I didn't arrive in New Orleans by train like Arlo Guthrie sings above. I arrived via interstate 10. New Orleans had gone through out a lot since the last time I visited her charms. Battered by hurricanes and dumped on by oil. My life like the city had gone through a bunch of changes as well, some good and some bad. New Orleans didn't need me, but I needed the Big Easy. I missed the feel of a city, live music, arts, and the company of a good friend.

No the city wasn't the ruin of me. It was a needed fix of live music. The first day I had a fabulous breakfast served by a waiter who could pass for an inspirational speaker. I soaked up the sights of this up town area which was quite different from the French Quarter I visited in the past. I topped my visit off with a great day packed with football and music.  Will blog about that later. However, it was safe to say I found my musical fix to stop my withdrawal.

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