Thursday, October 10, 2013

Remembering John and John and celebrating Jackson Browne' on their Birthday

October 9 is a good day to be born if you want to be a rocker. I mean it worked for John Lennon, John Entwistle and Jackson Browne.I'll share some music, thoughts and memories.

 I was probably robbed of my chance to see John Lennon when he was shot like a lot of people. The world was robbed of his future songs. Lennon was robbed of his future. We are fortunate as music fans that John Lennon created so many timeless songs with The Beatles and created some solo masterpieces as well.

It is hard to pick favorites, but this one is near the top of my list of his solo songs...

Of course everyone was posting tributes for John today and I found this incredible version of "In My Life" by Keb Mo, it is ear candy enjoy...

It is also John Entwistle's birthday. Entwistle was the bass player for The Who. I did get to see John perform with The Who and I did see the band on the same tour he died on, just a few shows later. Entwistle was able to part of a rhythm section that also included the legendary Keith Moon.

Here is a song John wrote for The Who...

Lastly it is Jackson Browne's birthday who might be running on empty but is still very much alive. I had the chance to review one of his concerts and you can read that review here.Below he performs "Take It Easy" at that show..

Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

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