Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smokey Robinson

My review is finally up so I can blog about it. Yes, I know he is old, but Smokey Robinson is a true legend. I didn't realize how many of the Motown classics he wrote, he really rates up there as a songwriter. He was in town for a benefit concert for the Duke Ellington School. As impressive as Smokey's resume is the school is also very impressive. Several of the school's graduates have gone on to have successful entertainment careers. The kids graduate from that school and go on to have success in other careers as well.

A shining example..

The students opened up and the above, Sylver Logan Sharp appeared with them and sang Smokey' "Since I Lost My Baby."

Robinson's and Motown's music influenced so much of the classic rock I enjoy. I enjoy Motown as well. I think Smokey opened with this just for me, here is the Rolling Stones version,,

Some shows you just don't say know to and Smokey Robinson is one of those. Especially when so many musicians are passing away you never know when you will get another chance. You can read my review here.
Here is Smokey Robinson performing in Washington at another time...

I love all the cool opportunities I have been given lately..

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