Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brothers Lost Their Beat: Drummer Michael Hossack

Cancer claimed another rocker yesterday. Michael Hossack the drummer for the Doobie Brothers died. He was the bands drummer 1971-1973 and 1987-2010 until the cancer took him out on leave.

The best way to pay tribute is to show samples of his work and legacy. Here is the bad from 1996 via youtube:

And even more recent in 2010:  

The classic artists are disappearing rapidly we need to stop and listen to the music...

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Jeremy Bates said...

Wow, I didn't hear about this one. You are right, however, rockers are rolling out of our collective picture left and right, from the classic to the contemporary.

Neil Young sand the all too famous song, 'Rock n' Roll Will Never Die,' but I am sad to report that its performers are.