Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts on Steve Jobs

I am sure everything I could possibly say about Steve Jobs has been said. He added much to our world. A world of computers, I-pods, smart phones and more. When I was studying business he was an example  used several times. So he influenced me in technology. He influenced me in the class room.

He died at 56 which is too young. It is funny the older I get the older the age of someone dying too young increases. He was successful. I haven't got there yet, but he set a pretty high bar which I don't think I can achieve. However, he was very philanthropic. Something, i strive to be. I am glad he was. I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility.

He was genius, but I think his team deserve some of the credit. He, will be a loss but technology will keep moving forward.

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