Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Football Trade

Just some more football talk here. Fox Sports is reporting the Cincinnati Bengals have traded Quarterback Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders for a first round pick next year, and a second/possible first in 2013. Just looking at this story everything says this is a win for the Bengals.

They survived the stare down with Carson Palmer. Palmer missed six games and the Bengals went 4-2. Yes, Carson got his trade but he had to be a bit nervous and it cost him six games. Cincinnati looked tough but not stubborn since a suitor came a long. The Bengals didn't bungle the deal either getting an extra first round pick in the first round will help them. A first or second round pick the following year is a bonus. A sweet deal as some quarterbacks have been traded for just a third round pick.

The Oakland Raiders are 4-2 as well. They might have overpaid. However, with their quarterback out with an injury they needed to do something. It was a flashy trade. It is a big name. Oakland is hoping they got the quarterback to get them to the playoffs this season in Carson Palmer. They hope he doesn't come in out of shape or has a learning curve with the playbook. It was a gamble, a bold move, but that kind of fits for the Raiders.

Here is his press conference:

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