Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This week's football

To many deaths lately so at least there is football...

The good news is my fantasy football team came back from the dead and I won this week! Considering the week before I was blown out and lost by the most in the league.

Talking about big losses, the Florida Gators got a hurting from the LSU Tigers. You can read my break down of the Gators here Florida Gators crushed 41-11 by LSU: A fan's reaction.  You can read a happier reaction from Patrick Johnston here. I linked one of his articles in last week's blog before the game as well. 

I am have linked articles by other authors in the past in my blog but they have been far and few between. So, I am trying to link a few more. Especially, when the articles are good and share a different perspective on the subject which Patrick does and he writes for the same outfit as I do.

The Gators were not the only college team in Florida to have a bad weekend. The Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles both lost. No team from Florida was ranked for the first time since 1982. You can read my opinion on that here. I agree with the pollsters since I don't have any Florida teams in my rankings. You can check who I do have ranked here.

Stay tuned for more ramblings....

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