Monday, March 21, 2011

R.I.P. Pinetop Perkins

Pinetop Perkins lived a long life. His long life ended today at the age of 97 according to NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas. The Austin, Texas native became the oldest performer to win a Grammy last month at the award ceremony. I had the pleasure of seeing Pinetop Perkins perform in June of 2000 at the Western Maryland Blues Fest in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Born in Mississippi in 1913, to Chess Records in the 50's and touring with Ike Turner and joining Muddy Waters band in 1969. Pinetops Perkins was living blues history. I am glad I had the opportunity to see him perform. I am glad his music is recorded for other generations to enjoy. I am glad he lived a long life. I am saddened that another link to the old blues has passed away.

I am updating my youtube feed to play some of his performances. So, we can celebrate his music on this sad day.

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